Struggling to read old documents?

Indecipherable handwriting?

Historical Document Transcription Services can resolve these problems. 

I can turn this:-

The Black Book of Warwick, CR 1618/W19/6, Warwickshire County Record Office. 

Into this:-

“At whiche daie thole Companye aswell the Baylief as the more parte of the xii principall Burgesses being assembled in their comen hall to receyve thaccompt of Danyel Haylye Bailief for the yere passed of the said Borough. and perusing the same found thathe demanded for his twoo dynners the some of v li xiiis iid whiche the said Companye thought to moche”.

Or into modern English:-

“At which day the whole company as well the Bailiff as the more part of the twelve principal burgesses being assembled in their common hall to receive the account of Daniel Hayley Bailiff for the year past of the said Borough. And perusing the same found that he demanded for his two dinners the sum of £5 13 shillings 2 pence which the said company thought too much.”

I provide:-

A professional, accurate and reliable transcription and research service, specialising in manuscripts dating from the 16th century but also have experience with documents ranging from the 15th to the 20th century.

This service is ideal for anyone wishing to unlock their past.

If you enjoy undertaking family history research, you will be all too familiar with its joys and pitfalls, particularly if you have uncovered that all important missing link in your research, only to find that it is illegible!

Or are you a local historian, researcher or student who needs a transcript fast!

Do you have an old document that you would be delighted to be able to read at last?  If so, this service is for you.

I provide a competitive service at affordable prices.

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