Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does your transcription service cost?

A. I charge £30 per hour.

Q.  How can I contact you?

A.  Please email me anytime. My email address is

Q.  Why do you need an image of the document in order to provide a quote?

A.  I need to see an image of the document in order to be able to estimate how long it would take me to transcribe it, depending upon factors such as the legibility of the handwriting and the size of the document. I shall then provide a free, no obligation cost estimate for the work.

Q.  What kind of documents are you able to transcribe?

A.  I am willing to transcribe any document as long as it is written in English, whether that be modern, middle or old English. Please see the ‘About‘ page for more information about my credentials.

Q.  Will you be able to transcribe every single word of my document?

A.  I can assure you that every care shall be taken to ensure your document is transcribed as accurately, precisely and fully as possible. However, I cannot guarantee that every word can be transcribed on every occasion. This is because the legibility of documents can vary considerably according to a number of factors, such as the quality of the photograph provided, the clarity of the handwriting, and the condition of the original document.

Q.  How quickly can you produce a transcript?

A.  This will depend upon the difficulty of the handwriting and the length of the document, or the amount of transcription work you would like me to undertake.  Please email me for a quote and I can provide clarity on this upon request.

Q.  What is the procedure for payment?

A.  If you are happy with the quote I provide you and wish for me to go ahead with the transcription, I shall then let you know once it has been completed. I shall then email you a pdf attachment with your completed transcription, together with an invoice for payment, to be paid within 30 days. I accept payment by Paypal or bank transfer.  

Q.  Why should I choose your service?

A.  I am a skilled and experienced palaeographer who has spent years deciphering and analysing historical documents.  I take great care in producing the most accurate transcriptions possible and take pride in my work.  Above all, I endeavour to provide an excellent service and value for money for clients. 

Q.  Do you do research?

A.  I am happy to undertake research for clients upon request, including family history research. Please email me for more information.