Terms of Business


Transcription work and family history research is charged at £20 per hour. 

I shall provide a free, no obligation cost estimate for the work, depending upon the length and legibility of the document and the complexity of the handwriting.


Please email me a copy of the document you wish to have transcribed, preferably in Jpeg, to:


I am happy to attempt any type of document as long as it is written in English.  If your document contains multiple pages, please send me an image per page.  Please ensure the image is clear and not blurred.

Please let me know any significant names, dates, place names or any other information that may assist during transcription.  Please also provide the name of the institution from which you acquired the document, the document reference and description.

Please also inform me of your preferences with regard to whether you would like the document transcribed in the original spelling or whether you wish to have a modern English translation.

Any difficult terminology such as archaic legal expressions or wording can be explained upon request.


If you decide to go ahead, payment will be requested prior to commencement of the work. Once the work is completed, an invoice will be issued. The final transcription will be sent to you as a PDF attachment via email.

I accept payment by PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.


Every care is taken to ensure documents are transcribed as accurately and precisely as possible. However, I cannot guarantee that every word can be transcribed. This is because the legibility of documents can vary considerably according to a number of factors, such as the quality of the photograph provided, the clarity of and difficulty in reading the handwriting, and the condition of the original document. For these reasons I am unable to make any assurances that every character within the document can be transcribed.

Furthermore, I cannot be held responsible for any legal implications regarding any material that is sent to me.  Depending upon the institution from which you may have obtained your document, it is your responsibility to make sure that any transcription work will not infringe on the policies and rights of the provider.  Please check with the document provider to ascertain your position on this.